Monday, August 29, 2011

Being an Adult Means You Have to Pay for Dental Work? Who Knew!

So, since Saturday, I've had this awful dull, throbbing pain one of my teeth. 

At first, I thought maybe I had slept weird and clenched my jaw, because sometimes I do that. 

But, it hasn't gone away. 

So I did the standard Google search and came up with the most likely of options that I really hope isn't the case. 

An abscess.

Now, I am in no way trying to self diagnose, because I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to know much about teeth, because I don't. But the symptoms are there. 

That would of course mean some serious dental work. Only problem is, since Mom got a new job, our insurance doesn't kick in until October 27. That is such a long time!!!!

Being a college student and always being broke really really sucks. 

Gone are the days when mommy and daddy paid for dental work and doctor's visits. 

Being an adult really stinks sometimes. 

I'm going to keep popping Tylenol until October and in the mean time pray that this thing doesn't get any worse. 

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  1. Girl, we sound the same. Except mine is about my first cavity. I keep pushing the dentist visit day forward, afraid that my insurance hasn't kicked in yet. I'm sure my cavity is about to take over the whole tooth. Hopefully your pain will cease until you have the dentist inspect your mouth. :}


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