Monday, February 13, 2012

Last week was a week of firsts with seemingly more to come! I know that most of you have heard me talk about Cameron more than you care to hear, and many of you probably don't have the best opinion of him, but I promise if you read all the way to the end of this very long post, you will not be disappointed! 

I had noticed that Cameron had been acting different lately around me. Being around more, texting me more, all the things he did before the fiasco we endured last summer. I was to the point where I really couldn't do it anymore. I had made up my mind to talk to him about it and tell him it was becoming too much and give up on him after five long years of waiting and hoping that one day he would care about me even half as much as I care about him. 

Monday night, he came by work to give me money after I told him that I was going to take some pizza by for Brad's birthday, even though he couldn't be there. I thought that he was just doing something nice for Brad and Tonia since she had her surgery and we had both planned to do something for them. After he left, I got a text from him that told me that he thought I was the greatest person and had such a heart for others. After I read it, I was so angry that there were tears in my eyes. What kind of guy says that to the girl that he knows has intense feelings for him?

Tuesday night, we had planned to take a ride in his truck before he sold it. This is a long standing tradition for us with our vehicles, so I thought nothing of it. It was the statement that came after the invitation to take the truck out that almost killed me. He asked me to have dinner with his dad, new stepmom, and two of his new siblings. In five years, I had never done that. I was terrified, but I said yes, because I knew that if we were going to continue to be friends, I would have to do things that hurt me and I should just get used to it since I made the choice to stay with him. When I got there, he was outside waiting for me and took me on a walk around the farm at sunset. We then had dinner with his family, which I was so afraid was going to be awkward, but it wasn't. I felt so comfortable and they really seemed to like me. After dinner, Christy, his stepmom, was saying that I should come over again over and over. We then took her new car out around town, tried to break into Tonia's house to give her some get well tea, and had an all around great time. I went home even more upset than before, hoping that his family would ask him questions about me and make him realize what he was doing. 

Wednesday night, he stopped by the church and played with the kids with me and melted my heart. And it didn't help that my little buddy Beau didn't want to be separated from him! I think that little guy is an excellent judge of character! 

Thursday night, we went over to Brad and Tonia's and ended up watching a movie on the couch. I stopped and got him a cookie cake for his birthday as I had promised but had yet to do. I found out later that when I left the room he told Chelsea that I was "wonderful." He was so different that night. He was giggling like a little school girl at everything I said. I mean I'm funny sometimes, but not that funny. We had a pillow fight, which he never loosens up enough to do things like that, and he shared his cookie cake with me. He also sat much closer than usual on the couch, as we usually avoid all kinds of physical contact to avoid awkwardness. After the movie, I could tell that he wanted me to leave at the same time him, but I of course wanted to have chat time with Tonia, Brad, and Chelsea over his behavior. They were all acting strange too. I tried to talk to them, but they weren't having it. So I left, more confused than ever about everything. 

Friday night we had planned to go to the movies with Brad and Tonia.  I had texted him on Friday morning and told him I was going to get my ticket and ask if he wanted me to get him one, but he responded that he already got two tickets because he was afraid they would be sold out. Again, weird that he hadn't asked me first, but I didn't think too much of it. I ended up having to work late on Friday so when I got to Brad and Tonia's to meet them, they were already gone and he was there alone. I changed clothes and we left and got in his truck. In my seat, there was a card. He told me that I should read it because he thought I would like it. Inside was a beautiful poem about friendship that perfectly defined our relationship, but he had written inside "Thanks so much for always being there. Tonight's a little different though. I was wondering if this could be our first actual date?" I stopped and just looked at him and asked him if he was serious. He said he was. I was in complete and utter shock. Could it really be that the man I had been head over heels for for the last five years is asking me on a date? Yes. It's true. I was almost in tears. I asked him why now, and he said because he didn't have to pretend to be anyone else with me. Those were the exact words that I had been hoping that he would realize were true for a long time. We ended up eating at Chick - Fil - A because of me working late. He opened the truck door for me all night, which was so sweet. He said super sweet things all night, and I could tell that he was nervous after all this time. After the movie, we went with the Hobbs and the Walkers to Chili's were he and I shared dessert. We took the long way home and he dropped me off back at my car. 

After the date, I called Tonia and cried for an hour.  I just couldn't contain my emotion and excitement. God had such perfect timing that I could never even imagine. I found out pieces of the story that broke my heart, in a good way, and made me even more confident in our relationship. I always knew that he was an amazing guy, but I never could have imagined our first date being so perfect and him being so incredibly sweet and open with his feelings. Yes, the transition will be difficult, but I think we are on the exact right track and I'm so glad that I never gave up on him even though everyone told me I should have a long time ago. I can't wait for the second date! 

Now, I told you it would be worth it to read to the end! If that doesn't redeem him, I don't know what will! 

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