Friday, April 29, 2011

It Has Been A Week, Let Me Tell You

This week has been difficult.

I turned in four papers and had two presentations.

My dear friend is out of the state.

And I feel like my life is just falling apart.

At breakfast Thursday, Cameron told me he went on a date with another girl. A date. I mean I knew that this wouldn't be avoidable forever, but I was hoping I would have a little more time to explain everything to him before it all just came tumbling down. And when I say tumble down, I mean it. Everything crashed. I'm sure he hates me. We haven't spoken in over 24 hours, which is completely unusual for us. I always knew he didn't feel the same way, even after all the dinners, the movies, everything. Which he paid for. If it looks like a date, and goes like a date, it's not. He really was content being my best friend. I'm not sure if I can do that anymore. Especially if he is going to be with this girl a lot. I want him to be happy. I really really do. But I'd rather see him happy from afar.

He claims, to our friend, that he had no clue how I felt. And that he wants to talk to me. But I haven't heard a word from him, and they are hanging out tonight.

I don't know what the next step is going to be, but I might just check out of our relationship for a while. I feel like time is the best answer, and a lot of honesty.

Thank goodness for Shaina having girls night tonight.

And I'm ready for Tonia to be home so all can be right in the world.

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  1. I wish I could've joined that girls night! and i'm soooo sorry i missed it!!! =( i had a tastefully simple party i was invited to and took the dog along. so when we left i had to get him home before he destroyed something!
    What do you have going on this weekend? text me!!


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