Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If Jane Austen Would Have Written My Life

So I'm in this Jane Austen class this semester, and I've realized just how much she relates to my life. So, if Jane Austen would have written a novel mashup with me being the main character, here is what it would sound like:

I am Fanny Price in a world ruled by Caroline Bingley and Marriane Dashwood.  I'm in love with Mr. Darcy, but if I could find an Edmund Bertram, I'd take him. I've had my fair share of Henry Crawfords and Edward Farrars come in and out of my life, but have maintained my modest persona. Mr. Darcy is in love with Lydia Bennet. My best friends are Elinor Dashwood, Elizabeth Bennet, and Jane Bennet. If I'm not married by the age of 27, I'm going looking for Mr. Collins. Watch out Charlotte Lucas.

So basically, I just did this for fun, and because I'm super nerdy :)

And I know that Lydia would appreciate!


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