Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Loves of My Life

I know we aren't supposed to have favorites, but this little guy steals my heart. 
I love all of these kids. 

Even though they push their friends down. 

Are still learning how to share. 

Sometimes only want to be picked up to ask you face to face where mom is. 

Like the bucket better than the toys I spend hours cleaning every week. 

Like to read the books for themselves, or when they bring you a book, they only want to look at the pictures. 

Craft time turns into the adults coloring for their moms. 

They spit on me, cry on me, pee on me, and I change their dirty diapers. 

I still look forward to every Sunday and every Wednesday with "my" kids. 

I hope one day to have a child as beautiful as these smiling faces. 

I also love their fearless leader! 


  1. Fearless Leader with a bad hair-do, no doubt.

  2. lol! =) love it... arent they just precious!?


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