Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean

Today, I'm cleaning my room. Yes spring cleaning has long passed me by, but it must be done. All the sorting, laundry, and dusting that comes with cleaning a room that probably hasn't been touched in almost a year. Eh it happens. It is fun to find all the cool things that have been hidden in your room when you clean. It brings back so many sweet memories of friends, loved ones, and special occasions. I love going back in time. Yesterday I got to spend some time with my wonderful friend Tonia drooling over dresses :) I also got to see my best friend Devin! I love her so much and I am not ready for her to move away from me. But that's life. I should get used to it.


  1. When I seen your title I just knew you would be talking about toys toys toys!!!! Loved "shopping" in that little slice of Heaven you introduced me to yesterday! I am going to have to do a blog post about that soon!

  2. Oh yes, is Pride and Prejudice really bad? I put a song on the nursery blog from p & p. . . wondering if thats appropriate. . .???

  3. NO! It's not bad at all! It's probably the cleanest movie I've ever seen actually :) That's where all my new music is from!


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