Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Your Life Sounds Like A Movie"

That is what Mr. Draper said on Sunday morning. I'm glad I got to work with the Drapers in the nursery this weekend, they are so nice, and their kids are precious. I never know why people walk in and out of my life, but I find the whole process fascinating. 

And I think he's right. Maybe I'll write a book and make lots of money one day. Or maybe I won't make any money but I'll write it anyways. 

In other news, this is what my life has looked like lately. A gazillion episodes of Numb3rs ( one of the best shows ever, and the entire 6 seasons streams right on my TV through Netflix), a dinner date with my two favorite middle aged women whom also happen to be my classmates, random conversations with people at Walmart, taking a break from reading and brushing up on Guitar Hero ( I have a date to play with an adorable 10 year old this week), and movie nights. 

Yesterday at dinner I also began thinking about something that has always fascinated me. The need for people to place other people into relationships. The two women I had dinner with, Jennifer and Sherrie, spent much of the time talking to me about my "love" life or lack thereof. They flirted with our waiter for me, and by the end of the night were suggesting that I go on a date with a 38 year old man. Now I know that I'm an old soul, but really? I know they have the best of intentions, really, as does the rest of the population, but I think every girl wants to be "that girl" once in her life. 

You know, the girl that a guy finds interesting enough to ask out without prodding from someone else (ie a blind date). That girl that a guy stumbles over himself when he talks to her or ditches his friends to spend more time with her. 

Maybe I watched too many Disney movies as a kid or read books about too many beautiful heroine who were  courted by young handsome men, but I'm a romantic, and I can't help it. 

In the words of James Oaks, "This is the year" again. 

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