Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Times Like These...

That I wish I had someone to hang out with on Friday night.

I want my best friend to be here instead of gone for the summer.

I wish Brittainy still lived 5 minutes away.

I wish things hadn't fallen apart with Cameron and I.

I wish I was married so I wouldn't have to eat meals alone or scramble to try and find someone to go do something with me tonight that I promised I would be at, but now I might chicken out because I can't stand  the fact that I might run into Cameron with his girlfriend, especially since I've already seen him today once.

I wish my grandpa was still here.

That life was simple instead of complicated.


  1. =( i'm sorry friend. if i didn't have stuff to do at the house for the party i would TOTALLY go with you tonight!!!! =(
    love you! hang in there!

  2. Don't we all wish that people would'nt leave us... Friends that are true may leave, but if the friendship is real they will always come back. And my heart dear rachel tells me Cameron will come back(: I love you sweet girl! And I am truly blessed your in my life~


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