Monday, February 7, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Mrs. Kay

Last night I explained my "situation" to Mrs. Kay, and she had a very truthful answer. 

Best Friends. 

That is exactly the relationship.  

But, the question is, can guys and girls be "just best friends?" 

I've come to terms with the fact that I might have to tell him goodbye one day, because for me, it's just not possible. 

Oh, and Ms. Jo thinks I'm some sort of "scarlet woman" or something.

Every time a even mention a member of the opposite sex, she assumes that sex is involved,  because "handsome young men can talk you into anything." I guess my morals count for nothing and the men that I hang out with are all out to get me pregnant. Is that really how the older generation sees us? Because if it is, they are missing out on a lot of great young men and women of sound moral character. 

But good news is, if I ever "get in jail or in trouble," all I have to do is go live with Ms. Jo. 

Hmmm, seems to me as though I would get into MORE trouble living with her than living my life the way I am now. 


  1. Oh the good times we have while caring for other peoples children! I wonder if "Best Friend" reads The Blog??? Mmmm? That might help put some things on the table!

  2. He does not read the blog. I don't really advertise that I blog, and that is probably a good thing! haha


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