Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Always Do What is Right

Never let anyone make you feel guilty for doing what is right.

Yesterday, I had to come to this realization. I felt like I was being attacked unfairly for a decision I made that I know is in my best interest.

Cameron and his girlfriend aren't together anymore, so inevitably I got a text from him the next day. We talked a little, nothing personal, nothing too much. Fine by me.

Then, I asked his friend if they were sure he knew that a breakup on his part didn't constitute a rekindling of friendship on my part. They totally jumped my case.

I was told that he had done nothing wrong, made to feel selfish and unimportant because I couldn't be his friend anymore.

I was belittled, like my feelings or emotions didn't matter, only his. And worst of all, that I should remain friends with him because he didn't deserve that and he tried to make it work with us.

What about what I deserve? Do I not deserve to be happy and healthy and have no fear of rejection or being cast to the wayside when the next girl comes along? Do I not deserve to be respected and be important and my decisions accepted, just like his were?

Yes. I do. And I'm not buying any more of this "you are selfish" bit. Yeah, I felt like a horrible person yesterday, but for once, I'm making a decision for me. Not my "friends," not Cameron, not anyone else, but for me. The one time I refuse to be a people pleaser is the one time I get attacked unfairly. So, enough. I'm done. I don't need people in my life that treat me like that. I'm worth so much more.

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