Thursday, February 14, 2013

We Just Wanna Be Loved

I know, it's cliche posting about love on Valentine's Day, but really, what other day of the year do we think about love so much?

Who doesn't secretly hope that the huge bouquet of flowers that is getting delivered is going to their desk? And who doesn't enjoy being taken out on a nice dinner with cell phones and social media put away?

It's not that we require these things to know we are loved, but that the person doing them does it because they love us. And because they want the whole world to know it to. We want to be shown off like a precious jewel or a priceless painting. While love in secret is special too, it's not the only expression of love that fills our needs.

Sometimes as a human, our greatest need is to know that someone will miss us if we didn't come home or to know that we a prized by someone.

But for those of us who have no one to come home to, no one really to confide in on days like today, when couples and families with children are huddled together in tight embraces, it can be cold and lonely.

Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking about the person we love, we forget about the people who don't have that.

In the end, we all want and need the same thing. We all just want to be loved. We were not created to live in loneliness. We were created to flourish in love.

So, on days like today, by all means plan special things to do with the person you love, but don't forget about those who don't have the same love that you do and show them a little love too.

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