Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Complete

Yesterday, I turned in my Senior Project. Well, half of it. The most stressful half. I had to make an original 20 minute video over my paper topic. I was difficult, but I finished. Honestly, I wasn't that happy with it, but I showed it anyways. The class was amazed at how good it was. My teacher, being the non complementing male he is, didn't tell me I did a good job, but another student went to his office afterward and he told her I "set the bar very high for the class."

I am happy. 

The stress of this week has made me sick. Literally. I can't breathe, my head hurts, and I'm so tired. 

I decided to treat myself for my last semester in college. Next semester I'm only taking 9 hours and I'm going on a 6 day trip to Boston. I am soooo excited! I've always wanted to go to Boston! 

In other news, Monday is my BIRTHDAY!! I can't wait. I love birthdays so much! I will be 22. It's hard to believe another year has come and gone. So much has happened, but I'll save the remeniscing for my next post. Now, its off to bed with my meds and my remote. Goodnight :) 

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